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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Program

Course contents will be available once enrolled


This isn’t any EQ course - It has been specifically designed to enable you to learn through reflection and practical application, by challenging yourself in all areas of EQ. You may find yourself pondering, exploring, contemplating, smiling, cringing, debating and even laughing in this self-paced course, which consists of approximately 18 hours of learning content.

Welcome to the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Leadership programme. Whether you are a leader within any discipline responsible for leading projects or operational functional areas, or an employee seeking to develop your talent for leadership capabilities or developing your leadership as part of your succession planning or seeking to bring the transfer of knowledge to teams for effective performance, then this programme will aim to do just that.

How will you benefit?

This isn’t any ordinary EQ course. Although it is entirely based on scientific theoretical knowledge, it goes beyond theory. We will keep you engaged with various learning nuggets and activities that are personalised, for your thinking and transformation. You will be exploring your EQ through the rabbit hole, participating in case studies and performing self-based assessments. Developing your self-awareness and identifying areas that impact your work, relationships and the self, will help to enrich your understanding and ability to develop effective EQ.

At the end of the programme you will be able to:

• Acknowledge strengths and limitations of the self with key insight into development areas.
• Address biases and subjectivity that inhibit our ability to analyse, understand and respond in decision making and interpersonal relationships 
• Explain the core concepts of emotional intelligence and its influence in the workplace
• Have a business case for emotional intelligence and improving performance
• Apply effective solutions using emotional intelligence 
• Critically evaluate problems in decision making using metacognition
• Improve relationships within teams through various strategies
• Execute emotional intelligence in leadership
• Incorporate elements of cognitive creativity and cognitive flexibility to improve leadership and leadership legacy 

What do you need to do?

You may work off a provided electronic PDF, or you may print off the workbook and use it to review and think, in those moments of available time. Throughout this programme, you will be prompted to refer to your workbook to participate in the various activities. This can be your personal journal, your strategy piece, or even your place of reference for discussing topics with friends, colleagues or team members!  All you need to do is participate.


• Emotional Intelligence (EQ) self-assessment
• Differences between EQ, IQ and personality
• Emotional Intelligence
• Leadership in EQ
• Success

• Self-Awareness and The Brain
• Habits
• Biases
• Self-regard
• Defence mechanisms and personality

• Emotional Expression
• The subjective experience
• Emotional self-control
• Amygdala Hijack
• Independence
• Assertiveness

• Problems in interpersonal relationships
• Interpersonal subjectivity
• Empathy
• Empathy Analysis
• Conflict Management
• Emotions in conflict
• Difficult Conversation vs Learning Conversation
• Developing Interpersonal Skills

• Problem in problem-solving
• Heuristics
• Cognitive bias in decision making
• Emotional strategy in decision making
• Emotions in decision making
• Self-mastery

• Neuroscience in stress management
• Flexibility
• Resilience
• Mastering stress
• Leadership in managing stress

You will receive a certificate of completion.


Course Staff Image #1

Kirstin Liss, The ODC: Industrial/Organisational Psychologist and Counsellor, and ENCONA: Director of People.

Kirstin has many qualifications and a vast amount of experience in diverse Human Capital roles, such as Talent Management, Training, Wellness, Organisational Development and Executive Coaching. Kirstin has won multiple awards for outstanding service delivery, and championed diverse teams and projects in achieving great success. She works purely on reputation and referral, and urges her clients to experience the value of altruism, and understand the science of people’s behaviour, which becomes the stickiness in the desired change, for you and organisations. She partners with other experts in the realm of psychology and immerses herself in research, to ensure her thinking remains adaptable and flexible. Kirstin is soft when it comes to the heart, head strong with it comes to results, and hands on when it comes to best practice.

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This course can be delivered in-person and/or in a classroom-style on request. It makes for an excellent team-building opportunity! Get in touch with us to discuss.