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VDA 6.3:2023 - Process Auditor Examination for Certification - Friday 06 October 2023

Course contents will be available once enrolled

The examination leading to a certificate allows you to have your qualification independently confirmed so that you can meet the requirements of customers or suppliers regarding auditor competence. Your certificate will indicate that as a VDA 6.3 Auditor, you are able and authorized to independently conduct process audits both internally and on the premises of your suppliers, and as a service provider.

Prerequisites for Attendance

- A copy of your certificate of qualification for the training "VDA 6.3:2023 – Process Auditor – Qualification” - Proof of completion of a three-day auditor qualification course based on DIN EN ISO 19011 or qualification for VDA Quality Manager and Internal Auditor - Proof of knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools (ID 415:2022 or ID 417:2019) or two-day training from another provider + Automotive Core Tools Quiz from VDA QMC - Proof of a least five years of full-time professional experience at the production company, and at least two years in quality-related fields of activity (personal data sheet).

Admission to the exam is only granted after a successful review of the application.


The examination takes place in the form of an audit simulation. The assessment is focused on the performance as an auditor during the simulation. Audit preparation, auditor behavior during the simulation, and debriefing follow-up are evaluated.

The examination consists of: - a preparation phase (30 minutes) - an audit simulation (25 minutes) - a formulation, evaluation, and justification of findings (10 minutes) - an interview (5-10 minutes)

For preparation, you may use the written training materials handed out (incl. standards) during the VDA training you have attended, which you must bring to the examination yourself.


After passing the examination you will receive a certificate with a registered number.

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