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VDA | Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR) | March 08-09, 2023 | VDA QMC 產品安全與符合性代表(PSCR) 的培訓課程 2023年3月08-09日

Course contents will be available once enrolled

Background and Topics 背景和主題

In order to ensure a high quality of the audit activities in the companies and the entire supply chain, auditors need to have the appropriate competence in relation to the respective methods. The IATF 16949 clearly emphasizes this requirement for the competence of the auditors. The efficient approach during the audits is an important success factor. This training deals with typical audit situations along the Automotive Core Tools.

為了確保公司和整個供應鏈中有高品質的稽核活動,稽核員需要對有關方法具有適當的能力。IATF 16949明確強調了稽核員能力的要求。稽核期間使用有效方法是一個重要的成功因素。此培訓會講授典型稽核情況及汽車業核心工具。

Target Audience 目標學員

This two-day training course is aimed at qualified VDA 6.3 process auditors who wish to apply for an extension, as well as prospective VDA 6.3 Process and IATF System auditors who are seeking qualification.

這兩天的培訓課程提供給希望申請延期的合格 VDA 6.3 過程稽核員,以及正在尋求資格的 VDA 6.3 過程稽核員和 IATF 系統稽核員。

Objectives 目標

The participants strengthen their technical competence and deepen their knowledge on the basis of typical auditing situations in the context of quality methods, focusing on an efficient approach. Both the assessment of the technically correct application of the respective methods and the case-specific assessment of typical situations are a central component of the training.


Concept and Methods 概念和方法

During the training, the technical input on the single Core Tools (MLA / APQP, VDA 2 / PPAP, FMEA, VDA 5 / MSA, Cmk / PpK / CpK / SPC and 8D) will alternate with work tasks, single and group work exercises on typical examples. The main focus is on the quality methods that are crucial for the German automotive industry. Priority is given to the practical application by the participants.

在培訓期間,單獨的核心工具(MLA /APQP、VDA 2 / PPAP、FMEA、VDA 5 / MSA、Cmk / PpK / CpK / SPC 和 8D) 的技術投入將與工作任務、個人和小組工作做典型範例的交替練習。主要關注對德國汽車行業至關重要的品質方法。課程會以學員的實際應用為優先。

Prerequisites for Attendance 參加此課程的資格條件

Participation in this training requires good knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools. Participants can see which tools are included in the training in the following list of quality methods. In preparation for the training, it is recommended to refresh the expertise with appropriate sources, if necessary.

參加此培訓需要掌握汽車業核心工具的專業知識。學員可以在以下品質方法清單中查看培訓中包括哪些工具。 在課程之前,如需要,建議您利用適當的資源先更新相關的專業知識

Certificate of Qualification 資格證書

After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification.


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